A night of dining to raise funds and awareness for Food Banks

About The Event

On February 9th, we are rallying people in our city to host dinner parties of their own, ask the attendees for donations to their local food banks, and pass this new tradition along to others in their communities. Whether the dinner is for 6 or 60 people, why not consider hosting one of your own? Feasts For Friends is a wonderful opportunity to Give and Give while having a great time.

An Opportunity To Give And Give

Having a dinner party is usually an enjoyable occasion. Friends  gather to share food and drink, good conversation abounds, and jokes and laughter ring out. There are a variety of tastes to sample, and perhaps new recipes to try amidst an atmosphere of good cheer.

What if you chose the opportunity to Give during this occasion? What if you were to ask your friends to donate some money to your local food bank so that those neighbours in your community who lack the resources to continuously feed their families could benefit from your gathering of friends?.
What We're Doing

At Victoria Terrace we have decided to do just that on February 9, 2019. We will have a potluck, roaming dinner on one of the floors of our condominium. We are asking our attending neighbours to make a $20.00 donation (or more) to our local food bank, which in our case is the Sources White Rock/South Surrey Food Bank which is located south of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

How To Get Involved
1. Contact Your local Food Bank and tell them what you'd like to do
2. Get a space or multiple spaces to host for the evening. Homes and apartments work well.
3. Send out invites for February 9th, and make sure people bring food and $20 (or more) each
4. Ask your friends to spread the word so you can raise as much as you can

If you have any questions, please contact us at feastsforfriendsorg@gmail.com